Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August Currently, Monster Helpers and Such!

Okay, I am back from slave labor in Pittsburgh. The last two days were actually pretty awesome. My mom told my gram that I needed a break (I HAD hoped to see some friends while I was there, however, I didnt get a chance, that stinks because we dont go up that often) so on Friday I went to her house (yes, still driving across the city from my dog sitting at my sister's) and helped her move some stuff in her garage, we had lunch (Pittsburgh Italian Hoagie!), and then the girls and I went to play mini golf! I won! Woo! We had ice cream and it was fantastic! We then went back over to my sister's house and walked to the church fair. Catholic churches in Pittsburgh all have big fairs (well a lot of them do) I got some super cute things for my teacher BFF and for me. :) The girls and I got dinner (hotdog/fries for them, stuffed cabbage and halushki for me!) we shared a funnel cake, played some bingo and went on a scary ferris wheel (TWICE!) We got to sit and listen to a pretty fun cover band (www.randomplay.info)

Saturday I went to my friend Mindy's bridal shower, and then her bachelorette party! Super fun times!

Now Im back home - after surviving driving home with a migraine!

Here is the August Currently from Oh Boy 4th Grade!

Yes, I am terrified of flying. Always have been. I place the blame on the first time I flew, with just my sister (I was 6, she was 9) down to Florida... one of us had the flu going down, the other had it coming back. I now get medicated to fly. Its super great. We are leaving Thursday for Florida, staying in St. Pete for a few days and then heading on our cruise to the eastern caribbean. 

Next, I have something Ive been working on... it started as monster stuff for me, since I am doing a monster theme this year, to something that I may put on TPT... so here it is: Monster Helpers

Its a classroom helpers bulletin board kit. I also made a name tag/classroom sign kit and a bulletin board (welcome) kit.

Well, just let me know what you think! Its really the first thing I have made!

Have a great night - I hope to be on here before we leave, but who knows! :) Prayers for a safe trip would be great!

<3Alison :)

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  1. Hi! Found you on Farley's linky. Your vacation sounds amazing! So jealous! (and my partner teacher also has to be medicated to fly so I have seen how it affects her! I wish you all the best for a happy, smooth journey!)

    Our school had four principals in four years and it was awful but in the end we got the best one so hang in there and go with the flow!

    Good luck this school year!

    Des @ When I Grow Up