Monday, July 30, 2012

Hooray for Gotham City (erm, Pittsburgh...) & my first TpT thing?

So, I am in Pittsburgh right now at my sister's house with my kids. My sister and her family are away in Michigan. So, my chore when I got here today (after stopping at my mom's on the other side of town, her new house is great!) was to go to the kennel and pick up their dog. This dog is a puppy. She is crazy. She's either a year, or almost a year, but its like she's 6 months. She LOVES to pee. She peed all over the kennel floor. She peed all over the house. She DID NOT (as far as I know) pee in my car, that would not be a good thing for her. I also encountered a dead gecko. This made me sad, my oldest had to dig it out of the cage. I felt bad for the gecko, however, my sister said he was looking bad when they left.

Okay, so, last night I had begun to work on a thing for TpT, actually, something for my classroom that I believe could also be good for others... so last night I couldnt sleep, totally wanted to work on it. Driving 5 hours in the car? Wanted to work on it. Got to my sisters? Worked on it. And two more things... and I want to keep making things... but I am getting tired...

I need a mouse. I am using my teacher laptop from school, since its stuff for school. For a while I was going back and forth between the school laptop and my personal laptop, which is a net book.... huge size difference!

So, those of you who sell things on TpT, how do you make the cute little things that show a couple of pages and the title page?

So, this week in Pittsburgh will be eventful? I am cleaning out my grandma's basement which is full of my stuff that was in my childhood home basement & room (then that got foreclosed) which was in my mom's old house... now in my grandma's... I went down for a minute and immediately found a few things I want to use in my classroom... eek. (like my old cheerleading megaphone..) I also get to go to a bridal shower and bachelorette party, and keep this dog from peeing all over...

Ok, so the Gotham City reference in the title, Pittsburgh was the main city in the new Batman move. Also, the town I grew up in is home to the Abby Lee Dance Company (of Dance Moms fame) and it happens to be superclose to my mom's house... and a lot of my friends, and my sister took dance there. My mom didnt put me in dance for many reasons. However, I did minor in it in college!

<3Alison (who is rambling because she is T I R E D, but missing her husband)

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  1. Very funny post. I laughed so loud I woke my husband...briefly.
    Cindy (Another VA girl)