Saturday, July 28, 2012

Planning.. Olympics.. Magnets..

Oh goodness... Ive been planning again.

This time I have modified my lesson plan format, again, similar to my fifth grade format. (and I am SURE I'll ditch it in the middle of the year...) For those who may have forgot, I DID complete an entire SEMESTER of social studies plans for my team, and "almost" the same for science. I am to the end of Dec. with the science plans. Why? Magnets.

Magnets... nothing too hard... however, I WANT more resources for teaching magnets! What I have is either too boring or too advanced... I need magnet stuff! I have my eye on a set of AIMS books, its only $50, but we are broke right now. I asked the principal if she has any money in the budget for them, we will see.

And, I am also watching the olympics. Swimming and mens gymnastics. I LOVE hearing our anthem. Another fun fact? I am an anthem singer. I mainly sing for the Potomac Nationals ( minor league Washington Nationals team ) but Ive done it in other places too. The gymnastics makes me think of a kid I used to teach (well, I taught him Science, he was in my friend's class for the rest of the day) and I also worked with his mom. He is an amazing gymnast. I know I will see him there some day!

Well, Im going to go back to my boring evening, husband is out, teens are doing what they do best which is who knows - probably video games, reading comics or drawing... I have wonderful kids who DO NOT CARE ABOUT SOCIAL NETWORKING - or even email! I am SO lucky!

Please, if anyone out there in blog-land has any good ideas for magnets, let me know!

Have a fantastic night!
Alison :)

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